Talking Michael Scott bobblehead

I have just learned from a fan email that NBC will be producing a Michael Scott talking bobblehead. In one word... SWEET!

The news comes from which has a lot of great info on "The Office". They are looking for fans to post quotes which they will use to determine the different bobblehead sayings.

You can read more from OfficeTally, if your an Office fan check the site out. It will probably be similar to the Dwight Schrute Bobblehead currently in the NBC Office Store.
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Print | posted on Wednesday, January 03, 2007 11:06 AM


# re: Talking Michael Scott bobblehead

Left by Benjamin Flint at 1/3/2007 7:37 PM
Gravatar {I like Micheal scott talking head} that would be a laugh how do you get one, I believe Micheal Scott would make the worlds greates boss! I hope to learn more.{Thank You}!!!

 re: Talking Michael Scott bobblehead

Left by dani at 1/6/2007 6:00 PM
they already have them, i saw them a few weeks ago in the nbc studio in rockafellor plaza in new york city. they are pretty funny

 re: Talking Michael Scott bobblehead

Left by Michelle Laurance at 1/6/2007 10:56 PM
Gravatar They have the michael scott bobble heads in stores already? The NBC wesite doesn't show it... just the dwight one.

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