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Season 3 of The Office finally arrives on DVD on September 4th! All of your season 2 cliffhangers will finally be answered, including what's in the hatch, will McDreamy be left at the altar, and of course what will happen now that Sam and Diane finally kissed.

Ok so those are for other shows. I just didn't want the spoilerhounds on me again. I'm still recovering from the last time. Word on the street though is that the box set includes over 3 hours of deleted scenes, a 16 minute blooper reel, several music videos, and multiple cast commentaries. And oh yeah, an entire season's worth of TV as well. It will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 49.99. You should pull an iPhone and go stand in line at Best Buy right now. I'll bring you blankets and bottled water. Maybe a gyro if you pick one up for me too.
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# re: Get your wallets ready

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