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Ask Steve a Question!

If you've ever had a burning question for Steve Carell now is your chance to get it answered! My colleagues over at are allowing people to submit questions that will be posed to both Steve and "Get Smart" costar Anne Hathaway. Your questions could be answered and posted on the site at a later date! Get cracking. If you are stumped, here are some potential questions to ask:

* What is it like to have such a funny and unassuming guy running a fansite in your honor?
* When you appear at glamorous movie openings or attend gala events, are you wondering whether or not the appearance will appear on
* Would you want to play Wii Tennis with the runner of a Steve Carell fansite? He'd probably let you win unless you were so sucky that it'd be awkward.

And this one's for Anne,

*Would you date the runner of a Steve Carell fansite? He has a cool beard and once met Huey Lewis.

Happy questioning folks. Here is the link:

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